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Because the immune system requires Thymic protein to mature new immune cells, it is an essential component in the battle for fighting cancer. However, the thymus gland which produces this protein shrinks as we age and eventually stops producing Thymic Protein A. Fortunately, thymus extract can be refined to produce active Thymic Protein A.

Cancer treatments with chemotherapy drugs are for a variety of types of cancers. But these drugs have a number of undesirable effects, like hair loss and the destruction of some of the immune cells necessary to fight infection. However, chemotherapy may be a lifesaving necessity.

So how does chemotherapy work and what can you do to mitigate the undesirable effects?
The rapid proliferation of abnormal cells in the body is how cancer spreads. Chemotherapy introduces one or more drugs in order to kill rapidly proliferating cells. It is a treatment that can be very effective in terminating cancer cells, but it also kills normal, healthy cells, especially targeting cells that also rapidly divide like hair and white blood cells. This is one of the reasons why people subjected to chemotherapy end up bald.

Perhaps the most serious negative effect of chemotherapy is on the impact on another highly proliferate cell – white blood cells (WBC). There are a variety of types of WBC’s but they all have the job as infection stoppers. When infection is present in the body, the number of WBC’s increase to stop the infection before it can get out of control. Without sufficient white blood cells, also called leukocytes, someone undergoing chemotherapy treatments is vulnerable to a host of serious, even life-threatening bacterial or viral infection.

Studies were performed to determine whether thymus extract helps in the prevention of infection during chemotherapy. According to WebMD, thymus extract can be used to “maintain white cell production in cancer patients treated with radiation or chemotherapy”. A nurse who underwent chemotherapy tells her story about taking ProBoost Thymic Protein A and the effect on her treatment.

Also the subject of study was that bovine-derived thymus extract, Thymic protein, can help fight cancer by suppressing tumor formation and has been shown to increase cytotoxic activity, improve immune system response, restore lymphocyte function, and activate natural killer cells.

Since the immune system requires a variety of T-cells and B-cells to fight disease and maintain a healthy number of cells and it needs Thymic Protein A to mature new cells, it makes sense that people going through chemotherapy would benefit from thymus extract.

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